AIndustry will support you in managing your factory,
whenever you need it.

Monitoring & analysis

Data collected during equipment operation and production must undergo constant monitoring and analysis in order to bring real value. AIndustry will allow you to analyze the data and tell you what is important. This will help you to see the full picture of your production lines and factory. Furthermore, the technological process that you use will show you all its secrets.

Repair Prediction

You can predict which component will most likely fail in the near future. Thanks to this, it will be possible to perform maintenance work BEFORE this happens and ONLY WHEN it is really needed. This will help prevent major failures and production downtime.

Resource Planning

Supply and broadly understood supply chain management is associated with production planning, inventory management and sales. It has a significant impact on the cost structure and production capabilities. In many cases it also has its reflection in the quality of the final product. AIndustry will also support you in terms of resource planning and identify the best solutions for you.

Stock Optimization

Smart management of inventory is crucial for many reasons. You must take into account the variable demand and at the same time be aware of the costs of storage and related problems. AIndustry allows you to optimize states according to the criteria that are important to you

Production Task Scheduling

It is not always easy to reconcile customer expectations and the efficiency of production lines. Sometimes scheduling of production is the key to success. AIndustry thanks to built-in mechanisms taken from the theory of task scheduling will allow to achieve the most effective sequence of production works.

Quality and Laboratory Control

Quality is probably one of the key elements that both you and your customers pay attention to. Products that do not meet the relevant standards are a threat not only to the public relations but also to the health of your customers. Appropriate efficiency of technological processes helps to maintain this quality, while optimizing production. AIndustry will tell you when the quality of production or the efficiency of the technological process will be compromised, thanks to which errors and defects in the production process will be minimized.